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The owners of Pinnacle Charter School Management Group, LLC have a vision for the future of primary and secondary education: one that focuses on rewarding and inspiring students and faculty alike as they work in partnership to prepare for success in an ever-changing world.

Founded in 2012, Pinnacle Charter Academies is based on a vision for the future of secondary education. The Pinnacle dual-enrollment Collegiate Academy model is for grades 9-12. Junior and senior year students have the opportunity to take advanced dual enrollment courses. Within this model, students can take up to 60 credit hours’ worth of dual enrollment courses, free of charge. By graduation, students can earn the equivalent of an Associate’s degree. Through this, a student can save thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses and are better equipped to succeed in college.

With a mission to serve students in a small, safe, family centered environment, Pinnacle Charter Academies allows high school students to pursue the academic challenge of a rigorous curriculum and elite athletics, all while earning up to two years of college credit. This model saves time, money, and fulfills the classic high school experience.

If you’re interested in offering the education of a Pinnacle school in your area, learn more by reviewing our process. From gathering interest and support to assisting in the hiring process, we can help you every step of the way. 








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