Pinnacle Charter School Management Group

The owners of Pinnacle Charter School Management Group, LLC (“Pinnacle”) have a vision for the future of primary and secondary education: one that focuses on rewarding and inspiring students and faculty alike as they work in partnership to prepare for success in an ever-changing world. Pinnacle has begun to implement this vision, developing charter schools and private schools in locations across the United States that utilize its carefully researched curriculum of study. Pinnacle is a “Charter School Management Team”, specializing in developing and canstockphoto11287261managing Collegiate Academy High Schools. Currently Pinnacle is overseeing charter schools in Palm Beach County, Florida, an elite sport and accelerated collegiate academy in Columbia, South Carolina, a private boarding school in Wisconsin and a K-12 school under development abroad with the establishment of the U.S. Charter Academy at Panama Pacifico. Pinnacle manages all school operations, is in charge of educational programming (curriculum design), is the manager of administrative services including operations and financial management and oversees the Directors of the schools. canstockphoto8805554 Out of the box thinking supports a vision that all students be provided with a comprehensive, individualized opportunity through project based learning, school transitional experiences, community service and an academy or school within a school approach Education is constantly changing and these changes are documented through data, study and research. We have identified and have reacted to the various students learning styles through adjustments in teaching strategies and curriculum with limited success. As an administrator is it incumbent upon me to provide the leadership needed to ensure the best possible learning environment through comprehensive recruitment, retention and training strategies. We do know, what we have done in the past educationally has not been productive, as over 50% of our students across the nation do not graduate. While public education is struggling with academic and fiscal accountability due to union protection, entitlements and outdated contracts, it is our strong belief that charter schools can better meet the needs of all students that want and deserve an educational experience that is:

Self-fulfilling and supports risk taking Project based enhance the exponential and hands on experience through processing Rewarding the end result supports the means Inspirational providing individual input so the voice of all students is heard Developing a broad base of knowledge, solid and progressive curriculum Preparing them for lifelong learning Supportive of the 21st century skills needed for success in an ever-changing world A positive social experience that enhances the citizenship skills needed to become positive and productive community members