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Opening a Pinnacle school involves a partnership between Pinnacle and highly engaged individuals/parents who wish to see a change in their communities.   

Pinnacle is primarily focused on, but not limited to, opening and managing new charter schools. In order to open new schools, a number of steps have to occur. At a high-level they include:

Initiating significant community support from individuals and parents.

This step is critical to demonstrate the need for a school in a particular community. Pinnacle will publicly advertise and foster meetings with interested parties, but word of mouth among community members is crucial. 

Leaders from a cross-section of the community are asked to join a “Planning Committee”

This serves as a preliminary decision-making body for the school.

Pinnacle conducts a review of potential sites for a school.

This is a review of demographic information related to population, growth, traffic, and other factors so we can reasonably expect a fully enrolled school on a long-term basis. Pinnacle will not build a new school in any location where one of its existing schools.

Once the need for the school has been established per state law, Pinnacle will partner with an authorizer and petition for a charter in that particular state.

That officially begins the process of opening the school.

A principal and small administrative staff will be hired.

Shortly thereafter, an enrollment office is opened. This office is used to host in-person parent forums and accept student applications. Meanwhile, formal efforts are underway to identify property, secure financing, select an architect to design the school, General Contractor, etc.

The process of opening a new school, from initial concept to first day of school can take between two to three years, depending on a number of variables.

  For more information specific to a project you may be considering, please reach out to us today.








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