Our Mission

Pinnacle Charter Academies shall serve high school students in a safe, small, family-centered environment who seek the opportunity and challenge of a rigorous curriculum, high academic standards, and elite athletics while earning up to two years of college credit while in high school.

A student and teacher outside of a high school


The small schools movement in the United States contends that many high schools are too large and should be reorganized into smaller, autonomous schools of no more than 400 students. Many private schools of under 200 share design features which draw upon the benefits of organizations of less than 200 people. In the public-school version of the Small Schools Movement, students may be given a choice of which small school they want to join. Each of the smaller schools would offer students a feeling of connectedness between students who share the same or similar interests with them.

PCA schools are designed and built to accommodate 300-350 students. The design standard, consistent with the “Small Schools Movement” promotes a connection between students, which cascades into a connection with Faculty and Staff and subsequently a connection to the school.


As a result of our design, and the subsequent connection on a personal level, our schools are inherently safe. PCA schools are designed physically and philosophically to create an atmosphere and culture that ensures the safety of students at the highest level.

A high school student pole vaulting
A group of student fans at a sporting event

Family Centered

PCA schools provide a unique and productive design which maximizes school time and opportunity. PCA schools utilize a split schedule; 300 students in the AM session and 300 different students in the PM session. PCA feels strongly about the family unit and its influence on children. Most traditional high school students involved in extracurricular activities do not reunite with their families until 8:00 – 10:00 PM. It is PCA’s goal to have the families reunited by 5:00 PM. PCA believes this reconnection will enhance family values and support the PCA commitment to be family centered.

High Academic Standards

Students attending PCA schools following a Collegiate Academy instructional delivery model. Students in grades 9 & 10 takes honors level courses, while students in grades 11 & 12 have the option to take honors level or dual enrollment (i.e. college) courses. The dual enrollment courses are free, on-campus classes taught by adjunct college professors. Students can earn  up to 60 college credits at a PCA school by the time they graduate, the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree. These credits follow the student to their college/university and can significantly reduce their college cost of attendance. To date, PCA graduates have collectively saved tens of millions of dollars in tuition.

In terms of academic performance, PCA schools consistently beat their peer traditional school districts across various test score metrics. This academic rigor, plus the experience in a more collegiate setting can improve the likelihood of success once a PCA graduate enters college (grades, on-time graduation rate).

A teacher working with a student in a classroom
A coach interacting with a high school football player

Elite Athletics

The PCA split schedule affords students the opportunity to seek all the benefits of a rigorous academic program while still maintaining a high level of athletic participation. Students who attend morning classes practice their sport in the afternoon, while students who attend class in the afternoon practice in the morning. This enables us to manage our Family-Centered pillar by getting students to be home by early-evening. It also allows students to have more dedicated training time, and with coaches who are dedicated to coaching. We let “coaches coach and teachers teach.” As such, the success of individual student-athletes and teams at Pinnacle schools has been tremendous both individually and at the team level. PCA teams consistently win region championships and compete for State championships. Student-athletes from Pinnacle schools are offered and/or go on to play their chosen sport at the collegiate level at a much higher rate than traditional high school programs.


The curriculum is a State approved college curriculum for students to obtain an AA degree upon graduation for high school, accelerating the students academic progress by two years.

Students in a classroom

Instructional Delivery

Students will be provided two learning models:

  • Tutorial (University Professor teaching in the traditional manner)
  • Online with teacher support in the classroom









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