Pinnacle Charter School Management Group, LLC (“Pinnacle”) was founded in 2012 by Michael D’Angelo and Michael Miller based on a vision for the future of secondary education.  

Exterior of one of Pinnacle's charter schools

Prior to founding, Mike D’Angelo was a charter high school principal and Mike Miller was a practicing CPA and financial consultant to charter school Boards. Their vision of education was formed during this time and Pinnacle was created.    

Mike D’Angelo worked for many years as a high school principal in Wisconsin and Florida, and recognized that the needs of students were not being met by the model of traditional public schools. He fine-tuned an idea of a dual-enrollment collegiate model that he felt, if given the opportunity to be implemented, could revolutionize public education. Today, Mike D’Angelo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle.

Mike Miller is a practicing CPA who owns his own Certified Public Accounting firm. Partnering with this education concept, Mike’s strong financial experience added the business component to D’Angelo’s education model. Many charter schools are started with the best of intentions, but are either limited or falter due to inadequate financial and business performance. Most notably, Mike has spent his career in the accounting profession with substantial involvement in school and non-profit fields. Today, he serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle dual-enrollment Collegiate Academy model is for grades 9-12. Junior and senior year students can take advanced dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment courses are taught on campus by college professors. Students can take up to 60 credit hours’ worth of dual enrollment courses, free of charge. By graduation, students can earn the equivalent of an Associate’s degree. Through this, a student can save thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses and are better equipped to succeed in college. See Our Model for a more in-depth discussion.

For the 2013-2014 school year, Pinnacle opened its first school, Gray Collegiate Academy in West Columbia, South Carolina. Pinnacle has replicated this Collegiate Academy model and opened additional schools following the same concept: Oceanside Collegiate Academy in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (2016-2017) and Legion Collegiate Academy in Rock Hill, South Carolina (2019-2020).  

 Today, Pinnacle functions as the management company for all school operations, educational programming (curriculum design), administrative services including operations, financial management, human resources, compliance, athletics and oversees the day to day running of the schools.








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