Gray football photoMission Vision – Purpose

The Pinnacle Acceleration Academy mission is to develop positive and productive citizens in our community by providing second chance opportunities for all students (16-22) to succeed: academically, personally, socially, and through career development.

This schools philosophy is to prevent students from dropping out of high school and to recover students who have already done so. We will do this by offering credit acceleration through a teacher-directed, mastery-based, and technology-enhanced learning environment integrated with an advisory program.

We believe:

  • All students can learn.
  • All students deserve a chance at receiving a first-class education and a successful life.Gray football photo 2
  • All students deserve more than one chance to live up to their potential.
  • No one educational organization, philosophy, or program is right for everyone.
  • All students learn at different rates and with varied learning styles.
  • Students should have educational choices that meet their individual needs, learning styles, and pace.
  • Delivering instruction through a teacher-directed, mastery-based, and technology enhanced learning model best fits the individual educational needs of our target population.

As such, the schools students will be provided the tools needed to obtain:

  • A high school diploma
  • Career path goals
  • Job opportunities
  • Community services as needed
  • Post-secondary academic or vocational opportunities
  • 21st Century Skills

The school meets the needs of over-age, under-credited, at-risk students with its innovative academic design and schedule. This opportunity is potentially a students last chance to be successful in a school environment, therefore, the foundation of our educational program is a teacher-directed, mastery-based, and technology-enhanced learning environment specifically designed to address each students unique and diverse learning needs and has a schedule that fits their lives.